Samantha Shakti Brown

Samantha Shakti is a Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor, whose teaching weaves together a great depth of yogic knowledge with playful storytelling, energy work, and the gift of sound. Her classes are physically challenging, therapeutic, and infused with spiritual insight and a deep commitment to awakening the heart’s true nature to the hidden potential in all her students, at all levels.  She is known for her ability to address the needs of all students, even within the context of a large class, leaving each student with the sense of being seen and deeply supported.

Samantha is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500-hour Certified Instructor, and a Certified AcroYoga Instructor.  She holds multiple certifications in massage and energy therapy, which she naturally integrates into her Yoga teaching, and are the inspirations for her very own Yoga expression called “Embodied Freedom.”   Embodied Freedom is a way of life that celebrates the unity that is present within the infinite beauty and goodness that permeates the world on and off the yoga mat.

Samantha began studying Yoga 23 years ago, and has studied and apprenticed with masters from the major Yoga traditions of the world, namely Ashtanga, Iyengar and Anusara. During her years of dedicated Yoga study, Samantha spent extensive time living in India where she was given the name “Shakti,” which in Sanskrit means: the creative power within us all.  Samantha’s namesake, Shakti, has greatly informed the creative expression of her own Yoga practice, her teaching, and her life.

She is a premier teacher in Silicon Valley, and teaches workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings globally. She and her husband Bradley founded the Shakti Yoga Shala on the grounds of Big Basin Vineyards in Boulder Creek, CA.


Mary Zehr

Inspired by her own healing journey, Mary believes in the power of yoga to unleash vibrant health, self-empowerment and inner peace. She teaches energizing, fluid flow incorporating balanced action, safe alignment and therapeutics. With a passion for myth, storytelling and music, Mary weaves breath, mindfulness, heartfelt fun, and inspiration into her classes. She teaches all levels and has experience and a special interest in bringing yoga to underserved populations including children, teens, and those in addiction recovery.

When diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2009, Mary turned to yoga, deepening her practice to help her heal in body and spirit. What had been the thought "someday I will practice more" and the far away dream of teaching yoga, quickly became "there is just today and no time but now". She is profoundly grateful for her life, her path and her teachers.

As a homeschooling parent for 19 years, she honed and developed her love of thematic learning and this love extends deeply into her yoga offerings. Mary is also an artist, lover of interior design and gardening, and mother of three grown sons and a teenage daughter. When not on her mat, she can often be found strolling by the ocean, hanging out with her daughter Chloe, and planning her next travel adventure with her husband Paul.

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Hatha flow classes offer a mindful journey into strength, flexibility, presence and acceptance through an engaging breath and heart-centered practice on the mat. Classes incorporate a full spectrum of classical yoga poses, pranayama, and meditation. Special attention is focused on balanced action, safe biomechanics and creating a welcoming environment for all, enabling students to feel supported. Beloved myths, stories, mantras and poems are often shared to ignite playful and soulful flows and to deepen connection to one's own heart as well as to all beings.

Therapeutics offers the student an opportunity to hone the connections between the cultivation of safe and optimal biomechanics, strength and healing, self empathy and acceptance. When we learn to listen deeply to to our bodies, and refine our awareness, we increase our capacity to heal and thrive. This practice of yoga we engage in then truly becomes a gift we can offer back to the world. Whether you are a beginning student, rehabbing from an injury, or looking to slow down and enhance your practice from the foundation up, this may be a great class for you. In addition to classical yoga poses, this class includes exercises with props and balls. You will learn techniques to stabilize and support your body, and enhance your vitality, both on and off the mat.


Peggy Galusha

Peggy first came to her mat in 2009 having always wanted to try yoga but never really having an opportunity. Being completely inspired by that first heart opening experience and the feeling that comes from a strong alignment practice, once a week classes quickly became as often as possible.

She began attending workshops and intensives in 2011, which led her to do Immersion/Teacher Training in 2013-14 at the Shakti Yoga Shala School of Hatha Yoga with several amazing teachers including Samantha "Shakti" Brown, Kenny Graham, Siri Cavanna, Ashleigh Sergeant, Alice Kennedy, Kelly Blaser and Michelle Nayeli Bouvier. Other training includes a 100 hour Yoga Therapeutics Training (2014-15), The Prison Yoga Project Training Seminar (2014) and, beginning in April 2015, Advanced Teacher Training and Mentorship.

Yoga has been a prominent part of Peggy’s life since that first class. It has helped her cope with many difficult life changes as well as to simply feel better in her body. "I practice on my mat to live off my mat."

Peggy believes that yoga is for everyone, and that everyone should have access to the practice and the benefits that can come from it. She is part of the Yoga For All Movement that is forming to bring yoga to under-served populations. She is currently co-teaching at the Rountree Jail facility in Watsonville.

"With Grace and Gratitude for this practice, Namaste."


Yogi Gregory

Yogi Gregory has been a student of yoga and a lover of music since childhood.  In search to find a way to offer these profound healing modalities back to his tribe, he became an Alignment-based Hatha Yoga Teacher and a Master Sound Healer.  With these two practices, Yogi Gregory creates a unique way to harness vibrational healing on all levels.  Incorporating universal alignment principles, pranayama, meditation, and original music, it is the perfect synthesis to take you and your practice to new heights (and depths!).

Inspired by his many teachers, friends, and family, Yogi Gregory makes his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains where he continually refines his practice and
creates classes, workshops, trainings, and new music to present all over the


Lucia Galindo

With over a decade of experience under her belt as a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), Lucia has worked with a diverse client population. She teaches public Circuit Training and Therapeutic Yoga classes at  The Club at Los Gatos and also offers private individual or small group fitness sessions in the comfort of your own home. Click here to view Lucia's schedule. 

Seeking alternative fitness modalities, Lucia found yoga and fell deeply in love! She was an devoted student for 4 years before pursuing the path of a teacher at YogaSource of Los Gatos. In 2014, after completing her studies at the Shakti Yoga Shala School of Hatha Yoga in Boulder Creek, California, Lucia registered through Yoga Alliance as a 200 Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200). Inspired by comprehensive teachings and a strong desire to continue on the path of a student, Lucia completed a Therapeutic Yoga Training in February of 2015 under the directorship of Samantha Shakti Brown. In March 2016, she completed an additional 300 hours of Advanced Teacher Training at the Shakti Yoga Shala School of Hatha Yoga and is registered at the 500-hour level (RYT 500). Balanced Action Yoga (BAY) integrates the rich tradition of hatha yoga with biomechanical alignment with plyometrics, dance and meditation. She blends her knowledge to cultivate public and private classes that are invigorating, physically & mentally challenging, spiritually charged, educational and playful.

Her practice and teachings are inspired by and humbly dedicated to Samantha Brown, Kenny Graham, Siri Peterson, Ashleigh Sergeant, Alice Kennedy, Michelle Nayeli Bouvier, Kelly Blaser, Linda McGrath, Erin Matteucci, Shylaja Ramachandra, Angela Majic, Kent Bond, Morgan Barry-Levay, Matece Skow and Amber Henzi. 

In accordance with her intention of being of service to others, Lucia is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)

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