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Samantha Shakti & Team Shakti's offering dedicated to the celebration and empowerment of the creative freedom within us all. Yoga asana, music and art to inspire.


"Samantha is a gifted teacher.  Her passion for yoga is inspiring not only to new students but to people who have had a regular yoga practice for decades.  I came to yoga from fifteen years training in martial arts looking for a discipline with more internal focus and attention to all the dimensions of balance between the physical and mental.  I am incredibly fortunate to have found Samantha.  Her sensitivity to technique, to the principles of proper alignment, and to the subtle, powerful relationship between asanas and energy is unparalleled.  She has a truly encyclopedic knowledge of the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of the practice from decades of study and training and she brings light, humor, wisdom, joy, softness, and rigor, to every class and every individual session.  I can imagine no better mentor, teacher, and guide in all that yoga has to offer."

Distinguished Attorney at Law, Palo Alto


"Shakti is a radiant teacher of Anusara Yoga. She has both deep presence and expanded joy, which lends to a grounded, powerful, yet fun and delightful yoga practice. As a yoga novice and qi gong teacher, I have found her style of yoga to be the most congruent, safe, and effective. I love ANUSARA Yoga!!!"

Saida Désilets, Ph.D
Founder of The Désilets Method
Author of the Emergence of the Sensual Woman

Yoga circle

"I have known Samantha for 7 years now. I remember my very first time in her class simply because I could not stop attending them thereafter. She is such a great teacher and person. Her positive energy, happy spirit, and her ability stay engaged with you, make you want to come back, every single time. As I continued taking her classes and began to attend her workshops. I experienced even more peace through meditation and her enlightening chants.

Samantha's guidance enabled me to find the passion to propagate this practice. I joined the Teachers Training & Certification program. Samantha agreed to become my mentor. After hard work and dedication I graduated the course with a Yoga Teaching Certification. I now teach and have attained many other certifications all due to Samantha’s constant support."

Carolina Hahn


"I first came to Samantha in search Yoga Therapy to rehabilitate a shoulder injury. But I have learned so much more over my years of knowing and working with Samantha. For one, I have come to realize the value of practicing, learning and growing in community. Samantha is an inspirational teacher and a true light embodying hard work, humor, and humility. "

Rabbi Paul Shleffar


"Some yoga classes feel like saccharin self-help workshops or gooey western mash ups of misappropriations of Hindu traditions, and others feel like headlong aerobics classes or dangerously unreflective pretzel stretching sessions.  Sam, by contrast, expertly balances a deep and detailed knowledge of human anatomy, physical therapy and training, with an awareness and sensitivity to the role of practice, of yoga, in our broader physical, mental, and spiritual well being.  Her instruction and guidance are brilliant and focused, clear and considered, and at the same time playful and caring and thoughtful and moving.  It has been a pleasure and an honor working with her."

Christopher Douglass


"I was drawn to Shakti's voice when I first met her and continue to be inspired by her presence; her spirit. I believe in Shakti's truths and hearing her teachings inspires me to live my life more fully each and every day.  Because of her and my Yoga practice …  I believe in myself more than I ever have.  I look forward to the journey ahead as there is so much I have yet to realize."

Top Silicon Valley Business Executive

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