"Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude.  Looking forward,
I am filled with vision.  Looking upwards, I am filled with
strength.  Looking within, I discover peace."

Quero Apache Prayer


Samantha S. Brown is a Holistic Health Coach with a life time of training and experience in optimal mind body fitness. She is dedicated to continually being a student and leader of the mind body arts. Samantha has 25 years of teaching experience and 29 years of practice in yoga, meditation, dance, functional fitness, body and energy work. She is the creative catalyst behind “Health and Wellness in the Workplace”, “Balanced Action Yoga”, “Yoga Core” and “Mind Body Bootcamps in Maui”.  Each are mind body training series that provide maps for each individual whole health. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Samantha sees yoga as the ultimate lifestyle synthesis of intentional action and service to humanity. Samantha has dedicated her life to developing local and international service opportunities to build community connection and serve the basic needs of all beings as a basis to foster human connection for the unified awakening of all. Samantha is a mother of two boys ages 2 and 5.


“Balanced Action Yoga” is a collective community that integrates the rich tradition of athletic, flowing hatha yoga with a modern understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Combining yoga postures and philosophy, strength training, physical therapeutics, plyometrics, dance, meditation and community building. Balanced Action Yoga is an invitation to connect to the whole Self. 


Samantha is dedicated to sharing her love and passion for the practice through all areas of her life. She began practicing yoga at the age of twelve and started teaching at the age of seventeen. After more than 25 years of experience, she has become a locally- and internationally-recognized teacher known for her ability to empower people to fully harness their own health and wellness. A skilled healer who works with people individually and collectively, she also trains health care professionals how to move people out of patterns of pain. Her classes are infused with bio-mechanical precision and spiritual insight that evokes vibrant health. In addition to holding a degree in Far Eastern Religions from Hendrix College and the University of Malta, she is registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest level E-RYT®500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer).  Samantha is a featured teacher on Gaim TV/My Yoga Online and Grokker. She has spent significant studying with masters from the major yoga traditions of the world including Ashtanga, Iyengar, the Bihar School and Anusara. She also holds multiple certifications from the United States, Malta and India in performance fitness, massage, body work, Far Eastern and Native American energy therapy. For the last 1.5 years Samantha has been an apprentice of Jerzey and Aniela Gregorek the creators of “The Happy Body”.  Through this study she has become a “Happy Body Mentor”. Studying with Aniela and Jerzey has renewed her love of Functional Fitness and Olympic Weight Lifting as a way to empower and stabilize the body.



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